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It is no fun being injured

I hope to resume working out next week after a two week layoff. Sometimes life gets in the way of trying to keep the body moving. First, there was a severe cold that had me on medication for a week. Then I pulled a groin while playing softball earlier this week, and it is difficult to move around.

I am limping like grandpa. The injury happened on what I thought was an innocent play. We were well ahead during our weekly softball game and I hit a bouncer to the pitcher. He bobbled the ball and I sped up and ran toward first base. Just as I reached first place the pitcher plowed into me and I went flying into the air. My hip, side, ankle and wrist were throbbing and filled sand and rock.

Man that hurt.

I cannot run. I cannot jump and I cannot stretch. There is too much pain. But I feel as if I can do some weight training and I am going to try to do some this weekend. I will start with light weights and see how much I can take.

This has been a tough two weeks because I am used to working out. It is what I do. Before I began this lifestyle change I would go long periods without working out and did not care. But once you get into it, you miss it. I miss sweating.

In the mean time I’ve tried to walk as much as possible. But I cannot even do that for extending periods of time because of the pain. The one lesson is to listen to your body. I do not plan on being on the disabled list again this summer.