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Pontiac students need to make new track new family focus

I am never quite sure what to say to middle school students about health and fitness. They are at an age where they do not think about fitness because they are young and feel indestructible.

That was my dilemma Tuesday afternoon while helping dedicate a new track at Pontiac Middle School. It is not the type of track where you’d run an entire track and field meet, but it is a track where the community and student body are encouraged to walk or run on.

About 300 students were on hand for the dedication and the Oakland County Chapter of the Links donated refreshments and T-shirts. The idea is to get the students to walk or run during breaks in school.

I took it a step further during a short speech. I said they must get momma, daddy, brother and sister to the track. In Europe friends and families go to the town fountain to gather. Things are different here. We need to exercise so it is important that these kids get their families to walk with them. They need to get mom and dad to that track to ensure a longer life. Diabetes is running rampant because people ignore tracks and health clubs and chose to sit.

I drive by that track at Pontiac Middle School and I hope to see plenty of people using it this summer. The school required students to walk or run a mile after the dedication. That is a good start. Let’s hope they keep it going.