Autumn fun in Ann Arbor

It’s not all Wolverines and tailgating in Ann Arbor on fall weekends. Venture beyond the Big House and you’ll find plenty of shopping and cafes along the city’s inviting and pedestrian-friendly main streets ” Main, Washington, Liberty and State, to name a few. Border’s may be gone, but Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room on … Continue Reading →

Neighborhood accommodations in Chicago

The next time you’re in Chicago, consider accommodations in one of the city’s great neighborhoods. My friends and I recently booked a weekend at Roscoe Village Guesthouse, an apartment suite along a side street in Roscoe Village, once an enclave for German and Swedish immigrants. The contemporary guesthouse, formerly a three-flat structure built in 1919 … Continue Reading →

Black Walnut Trees in the Fall

I had someone ask me today about a tree in his neighborhood. It’s a beautiful fully-grown Black Walnut. He was concerned about the tree dropping its leaves so early in the season; the tree has almost no leaves left on it. I explained to him that there was nothing to worry about. Black Walnut trees … Continue Reading →

Cannas: To Dig or Not to Dig

The cannas had a nice long growing season but last week’s hard frost brought that to an abrupt end. Now gardeners need to decide: do you dig and store your cannas; or just let them freeze and buy new ones next year? Since I have such a hard time throwing out plants, I always dig … Continue Reading →

Annual auction sponsored by SATW, the Society of American Travel Writers, runs through Nov. 20

From Arizona and Bermuda to Costa Rica and Dubai, more than five dozen travel packages — valued at $65,000 — are up for bid in the Society of American Travel Writers’ annual travel auction. Someone named “Anonymous” currently leads the bidding on many items, but there’s still plenty of time: the SATW auction runs through … Continue Reading →