Hello Gorgeous Dahlias

‘Hello Gorgeous’ dwarf dahlias are one of my favorite potted plants.  These little beauties only grow to about 12 inches in height.  I usually place three plants into a 6 1/2-inch pot.  This seems to dwarf them even more so that they end up being about eight inches tall.

This dahlia is only available as seeds, not tubers as most dahlias.  The seeds I get are a mix of six different colors: pink, red, white, yellow, purple and orange.

Yellow is one of six flower colors available for 'Hello Gorgeous' dahlias.

I like to start them off early so that they start flowering in spring.  Sowing the seeds now will give you enough growing time so that you will have flowering pots in June.  Otherwise, sow them in February for flowering in July.  These pots make wonderful gifts.

Later, in summer, their flowers will eventually fade.  If you cut them back and give them some fertilizer, they will re-grow and produce another set of flowers.

‘Hello Gorgeous’ dahlias also look great planted together in larger containers.  I never worry about coordinating the six different colors when I pot them up, the colors all compliment each other beautifully.

In the fall, after the growing season has ended, you can store the tubers just like other dahlias and re-pot them for the following year.

Bob Dluzen
As a result of being a gardener for more than 40 years, 30 of those as a professional, Bob's gardening has become an integral part of his life. "It's the ever-changing seasons and the wide variety of plants and gardens that keeps me intrigued," he says. Bob lives and gardens in rural Monroe County.