Conservation District tree sales

This week I’m placing a tree order from our local Natural Resources Conservation Service. Every year they hold a tree sale to raise money for various conservation programs in our area. It’s a tradition that goes back many decades. Way back then, the NRCS was known as the Soil Conservation Service.

Most counties in Michigan have their own field office and many of them hold tree sales. Each NRCS District offers slightly different products — ordering deadlines vary too. For example the deadline at the Monroe NRCS is March 26, while at the Washtenaw District it is March 16. Over on the west side of the State in Manistee County it’s March 30. You’ll have to check with your local district for detailed tree sale information.

I’m planning on buying some white pine. In our sandy soil, once you get them started, they grow very fast. I’ll try out some white cedar too, although I’m not sure how well they’ll do in this location.

The trees are scheduled to arrive April 2o. That gives me just over a month the prepare the spot I picked out for them. It’s one more thing to add to my growing to-do list.

Bob Dluzen
As a result of being a gardener for more than 40 years, 30 of those as a professional, Bob's gardening has become an integral part of his life. "It's the ever-changing seasons and the wide variety of plants and gardens that keeps me intrigued," he says. Bob lives and gardens in rural Monroe County.