April 2012

Conservation District trees

The trees I ordered from our Conservation District arrived Friday. I drove over to pick them up first thing in the morning and got there just as they opened the doors. My package  contained 50 trees — 25 white pine  and 25 white cedar– so it was small enough to carry in one hand. The tree … Continue Reading →

Theories of composting

There are several different ways of making compost. The one we always hear about and read in the gardening magazines is the hot method. This method involves adding the right kinds of plant materials in proper amounts to provide the proper nitrogen to carbon ratio. That ratio speeds up the decomposition rate which in turn raises the … Continue Reading →

Explore the Civil War online

One of the most remarkable excursions of my childhood was a two-hour drive east of Memphis to Shiloh National Battlefield. It was my first visit to a Civil War battlefield. I am not sure what I expected, but I was immediately struck by the peacefulness of the rural Tennessee landscape. Take away the stone monuments to Confederate and … Continue Reading →

Titanic at the Grand

If you’ve stayed at the Grand Hotel, you’ve experienced that sensation of feeling like you’re on a ship – but on land. So, it’s no surprise that the majestic hotel could play host to an event celebrating the history and opulence of the Titanic, the doomed passenger liner that sank after striking an iceberg on … Continue Reading →