May 2012

Planting sweet potatoes

You might want to think about adding sweet potatoes to your garden center shopping list. Sweet potatoes are a nutritious change of pace from regular white potatoes. They are easy to grow since hardly any pests bother them but, you do have to do your part to help them along. In order to produce a good crop, … Continue Reading →

Frozen apple tree buds

I checked my apple trees this week to see if there were any apples left after that freeze we had a couple of weeks ago. I found only a handful of small apples that looked like they could grow on to maturity. Over 99 percent of the buds were frosted and subsequently fell off the tree. I found … Continue Reading →

Michigan's best-kept secrets being shared

Some of Michigan’s best-kept secrets are being discovered. The lastest jewel shining in the national spotlight is Traverse City. The Cherry Capital was named to National Geographic’s list of the Best Summer Trips for 2012 — along with such well-known destinations as Baltimore, St. Petersburg (the Russian one), Pawley’s Island in South Carolina, the Spencer … Continue Reading →

Dabbling with dibbles

There are a lot of different ways to sow seeds directly into a garden bed. Sometimes I use a hoe to form a shallow trench, then drop the seeds in. Other times I use my finger to poke a hole into the soil before dropping in the seed. I find as I get older, my finger has … Continue Reading →

Shakespeare in 37 languages

It’s truly a voyage of imagination this spring at the Globe Theatre in London, where actors from all over the world are performing some of Shakespeare’s most famous works in their native languages. How about Hamlet in Lithuanian (that would be Hamletas)? Or Much Ado About Nothing in French (Beaucoup de Bruit Pour Rien)? Some … Continue Reading →

Dogwood surprise

We have a wild area on our property that we keep for birds . It’s about an acre in size and is home to a wide variety of wildlife. This spring, for the first time, we noticed a wonderful dogwood tree hidden in a rarely visited corner tucked in on the south side of  a pine tree. … Continue Reading →