Volunteers needed for 'Birmingham in Stitches' art project

You can use your knitting and/or crocheting skills to participate in the “Birmingham in Stitches” public art yarn bombing project.

This just in:

“The Birmingham Public Arts Board is seeking volunteers to participate in its “Birmingham in Stitches” public art yarn bombing project. This project will involve knitting/crocheting large-scale objects for placement on or near existing public art installations and in other locations throughout Birmingham.

“The project is intended to involve the Birmingham community in an interactive public art project and to raise awareness for public art programs in Birmingham, including the CityScapes partnership between the City and the Cultural Council of Birmingham-Bloomfield. The project will be installed from Sept. 15-30, 2012, and may be extended through October 14, 2012, based upon the weather conditions and the condition of the installations.

Volunteers are needed to help with knitting and crocheting the displays, installation and de-installation of displays, and other aspects of the project. Volunteers of all ages and abilities are welcome and encouraged, as are groups. Interested individuals may sign up to volunteer by completing an online form available at Please contact either Christian Wuerth or Toya Glenn at (248) 530-1810 with any questions.”