Learn New Techniques with 'Cast On, Bind Off'

Knitting instructor and store manager at WES, America’s Yarn Store, Leslie Ann Bestor of Massachusetts helps you “find the perfect start and finish for every knitting project” in her recently published book, “Cast On, Bind Off, 54 Step-by-Step Methods” ($16.95).

This spiral-bound book takes knitters beyond the cast on and bind off techniques that they’re most familiar with for starting and ending their projects. Bestor shares her knowledge for using cast on and bind off methods to enhance the stitches of the knitted item, something many may never have considered.

She writes briefly about her personal journey in the introduction: “…I learned one way and stuck with it for every single project. The Long-Tail Cast On was my friend, and since it is so versatile, I had no issues with our relationship for many years. But as I grew as a knitter and began exploring different techniques, I realized that a whole range of varied options awaited me for both starting and finishing a piece of knitting. I started to look at other ways to cast on and bind off and discovered that different situations call for different techniques, and that using the right one has a huge impact on the finished garment…”

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Good Luck!