Fall colors great and small

Someone mentioned to me today that he had traveled to Northern Michigan last weekend to see the fall colors. He said they were the best he had ever seen.  That’s a pretty big statement coming from someone who is well over 70 years old. I’ll have to take his word for it because I missed it.

Looking at huge vistas of fall colors from the comfort of your car is a lot of fun. Sometimes though, you need to get out of the car to appreciate the small color displays up close.

In a spot in our yard that we keep wild,  we have three different species of  wild asters thriving.  There’s the dark purple New England aster growing along side a lighter purple aster and a white species.

It was hard to see these flowers from the driveway. It was not until I walked  out to the area that I could appreciate them .

The New England asters started blooming earlier than the others but all three are showing great color right now.


Driving along at 55 mph you might catch a fleeting glimpse of our native Michigan asters while on your color tour. But to really appreciate them, you need to get out of the car to enjoy them close up.


Bob Dluzen
As a result of being a gardener for more than 40 years, 30 of those as a professional, Bob's gardening has become an integral part of his life. "It's the ever-changing seasons and the wide variety of plants and gardens that keeps me intrigued," he says. Bob lives and gardens in rural Monroe County.