Starting seeds and homemade potting mix recipe

I anxiously trudged out to the mailbox dreaming of beautiful, glossy seed catalogs pouring out into my hands… I long to be tempted by the latest Heirloom tomatoes and lettuces… to plant those tiny seeds and then wait for them to sprout, reaching up out of the warm soil to the bright sunshine.  Although I am blessed to have my own greenhouses I realize all are not. But don’t be dismayed, it’s easy enough to start seed’s in your home and now’s the time.

A southern facing window and a few things are all you need: Organic Potting mix, Heirloom Seeds and container’s with proper drainage.

You can start your Heirloom tomatoes now: Hillbilly, Pink Icicle and Reisentraube are a few of my favorite tomato varieties.  Give Forellenschullus (Speckled Trout’s Back), a beautiful dark green romaine with bronze spots splattered across its leaves and Jericho, a giant, heat tolerant romaine for the summer months.

Some wonderful sources for Heirloom Seeds are: Baker Creek Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange and Territorial Seed Company Company.

Here’s a Potting Mix recipe that’s easy to make.
Use for your house plants, outdoor potted plants or for seed starting!

2 cubic feet Peat Moss

40 oz bag of Vermiculite

40 oz bag of Perlite

1 cup 5-10-10-Fertilizer

1 cup Ground Lime

Mix all the ingredients well; make sure the mixture is well soaked before planting.

For a free seed starting guild follow this link to Organic Gardening Magazine.
… now I’m off to play in the dirt!

Enjoy Friends,