Kitchen gardens: Grow veggies right outside your back door

A few years back my daughter was reading through a gardening magazine and came across an article on kitchen gardens. That was all it took… “Mom, can we make a kitchen garden?” New garden? Well you don’t need to ask me twice… so we went right at it and now we have a lovely space that’s easily accessible from the back door. It not only adds functionality to our farm but beauty as well. We incorporated an herb section and tea bed along with several perennials to grow along with the veggies we plant each spring.

Here are a few tips to help you create your own kitchen garden:

*Decide upon the location- the garden ideally should be near a door so gathering the bounty for you meals is easily accessible.

*Be sure there is a water source nearby.

*Make a list of the veggies you’d like to grow.

*Draw a garden plan for the area before you start. Take into consideration each plants growth habits and the amount of space the mature plant will need so you don’t end up climbing over and through a mass of plants.

*Use containers of all sorts to add an eclectic look. This will help keep things contained that may have a tendency to spread.

*Add flowers for beauty & charm- choose edible ones like nasturtiums that will serve a threefold purpose: They are edible, they are a companion plant to others and they deter bad bugs naturally.  Flowers will also be benifical in attracting pollinators which will work to create a bigger bounty. Your kitchen garden will provide you with a beautiful space and  loads of fresh garden veggies!

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Jean Smith
Jean Smith is a mother of six, organic farmer and freelance writer dwelling with her family on their five acre farm in the Thumb of Michigan. She is a self professed master gardener with over 15 years experience who loves to write and teach about her passion for and knowledge in organic gardening. You can read more of Jean's writings at her blog, For Dragonflies And Me