'500 Crochet' book a must-have for crocheters

9781416208839_p0_v1_s260x420The most amazing, hard cover pocket-size book arrived last week here on my desk. It’s called “500 Crochet, Fun Designs & Projects for Blocks, Triangles, Circles & Hearts,” and it’s filled with unique little projects made with a range of crocheted stitches that will have you wanting to incorporate them in as many garments, accessories and home accents as possible.

Authors Hannah Elgie and Kath Webber have included designs from traditional to contemporary, different forms of crocheting techniques (Tunisian, broomstick lace, etc.), easy-to-follow instructions for creating the many stitch patterns, and basic how-to-crochet instructions for the beginner or person in need of a refresher course.

If you’ve been somewhat bored with your crocheting lately, then this book is a must-have to add to your collection. It’ll help you see crocheting in a whole new light. While it’s often said yarn makes all the difference for a finished project, well, this book will make you see how a simple yarn can be used to create a range of interesting textures! What a difference a stitch can make, also!

Sorry, this one is a definite keeper, but should you decide to purchase a copy, it’s priced at $18.95, and it’s well worth it!

Happy Crocheting!!!