Fertilizing: Tips to maximize your gardens potential

Fertilizing is an essential element for proper root development and plant growth. As a professional organic produce farmer, fertilizing is a key ingredient to a great harvest.  From the time the seeds are planted until the seedlings go into the fields, we follow a regimented schedule of fertilizing. This ensures not only bountiful yields, but also strong, healthy and vigorous plants.

The problem most home gardeners fall into is deciding what they need and which brand to use.  I would like to personally recommend Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizer for all your garden needs. We have used their Hydrolyzed Fish exclusively for over four years along with their Seaweed and wouldn’t use anything else.  Our yields and overall plant health have been remarkably higher and better using these products compared to regular fish emulsions.

Neptune’s Harvest uses a unique process called ‘cold hydrolysis’ which leaves the important nutrients in the product, as opposed to being ‘cooked’ out like regular fish emulsions. Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizer is made from fresh caught North Atlantic fish right on the docks of Gloucester, MA.

Here are some tips on proper fertilization to maximize your gardens potential

  • Follow the recommended application rate as directed on package.
  • Choose the appropriate product for what you’re fertilizing. For example, we use Hydrolyzed Fish on all vegetables and      fruits as well as my flowers.
  • Follow the schedule that is recommended for the best results.
  • Start fertilizing as soon as you plant your garden      and flowers and maintain consistent fertilization through the entire      season.

To see a complete list of products go to  and for more tips follow this direct link

I am looking forward to trying Neptune’s Harvest newest product, Crab Shell on our lawn this year. They say it will help control ants, grubs, fungus and weeds.  Watch for a review this fall!

Life is good, than you garden!