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Lavender: How to make lavender wands

Lavender is one of the things I look forward to each new gardening year… it’s by far one of my favorite herbs.

I love to walk past the hedge of it in my front flower bed… letting my leg brush across it’s delicate blooms and taking in that spectacular aroma as it lingers up.

I love to simply stand there listening to the hummmmm of the bumble bees as they busily go from bloom to bloom.  Such serenity in the gardens.

My favorite variety of lavender is Grosso.  It’s prized for it’s long, elegant bloom heads as well as it’s stems for both arrangements and wands.  It also does well in Northern Michigan Zone 5 weather areas.

My Grosso lavender is ready to be harvested, so the other day I made lavender wands.

Here’s how to make your own lavender wands.DPP_0015


*Fresh cut long stemmed lavender

*Rubber bands

*Ribbon, jute, raffia or strips of fabric


1. Once your lavender is harvested, make bunches about 1 1/2 inches in diameter (stem diameter).

2. Selecting the  longest stems, secure with a rubber band about two inches from the bottom of the stems.

3. Take three to four 2′ sections of ribbon, fabric, jute or raffia; lay it down on a hard surface; place the bunch, rubber band end across it; tie a knot.

4. Wrap the material around and around, covering the rubber band; tie a another knot to secure.

4. Make a loop to hang your wand.DPP_0004DPP_0003DPP_0002


Lavender wands are fun and easy to make… not to mention a wonderful gift you can share.

Now I’m off to the gardens,