How-to incorporate herbs into your table decor

I love entertaining and adding just the perfect decorative touch for the event as much as I love herbs.  Combining the two is easy and adds so much elegance to your table.

Here are a few tips on how to incorporate herbs into your table décor.

*Consider using pale, natural fabrics such as burlap or un-dyed linen. This allows the herbs to hold center stage rather than wrestling with a busy pattern.

*Choose plain or understated china, flatware and glassware that will not upstage the greenery.DPP_0004

*Every table needs a centerpiece! Incorporate herbs along with the flowers. Dill and fennel leaves provide a delicate element to the arrangement. Add geranium leaves, flowering cinnamon or purple basil.  Arrange the herbs loosely considering how they grow in the garden allowing them to ramble across your table. Be aware though that herbs wilt quickly, so place them in water immediately after harvesting!

*Placing several bowls filled with freshly torn herbs such as basil, mint, tarragon, cilantro, and flat leaved parsley is an attractive detail. It allows your guests to help themselves to sprinkle on their food and drinks.

*Adorn each place setting with an herbal napkin ring~ use a long sprig of rosemary or summer savory, fold around the napkin and tie with a piece of ribbon, twine or jute- whichever fits your theme better, place on plate.

*Write the names of your guests on copper or aluminum plant tags and put them in miniature Terra cotta plant pots filled with fresh herbs~ place at each plate~ what a statement!

*Use Lemon balm or another long stemmed herb like lavender to create easily woven lattice pattern place mats. When a hot plate is placed on the mat, a delicious aroma is released~ not to mention it’s just beautiful.

*Make your ice water extra special by putting leaves of borage and mint with cucumber slices in your water pitchers.DPP_0001

*Coriander flowers impart a delicate flavor to pepper and salt. Add several in your salt and pepper containers~ little salt and pepper bowls make it even prettier.

Herbs are not just for eating… have fun and use your creative ingenuity to incorporate these beautiful,  aromatic additions into your decorating adventures!

Happy Day,

Jean Smith
Jean Smith is a mother of six, organic farmer and freelance writer dwelling with her family on their five acre farm in the Thumb of Michigan. She is a self professed master gardener with over 15 years experience who loves to write and teach about her passion for and knowledge in organic gardening. You can read more of Jean's writings at her blog, For Dragonflies And Me