'Artist Talk: Marion Coleman' today at MSU

National award-winning contemporary quilt artist Marion Coleman will give a talk today at 6 p.m. at Michigan State University’s Museum Auditorium.

Coleman specializes in pictorial quilts on African American history and culture. Her quilt “Ruby Bridges: What A Difference A School Makes” is currently on view at MSU museum.

Coleman says, “This quilt is important to me because I attended segregated schools in Texas. They were still segregated in 1964 when I graduated from high school. I was inspired by Ms. Bridges’ courage and used my sister’s image as a model for Ruby Bridges. Over all the quilt is important because it documents a unique aspect of the Civil Rights Movement where even the youngest of us can make a difference. It is also important as a women’s rights story where every woman and child is entitled to a quality education as a doorway to great opportunity.”

Coleman will talk about what it was like for her growing up during a time of segrated schools and how she uses quilting to educate others about the African American experience.

“This event is in conjunction with the exhibit “Ruby Bridges, Brown v. Board of Education, and The Greater Lansing Sites of Conscience Project,” currently on view at the MSU Museum through July 3, and Project 60/50: a year-long community conversation on civil and human rights.”