High Paying Wall Street Jobs for College Freshers

College majors can open doors for you on Wall Street. Majors such as business administration, economics, accounting, and mathematics are ideal fits for college freshers to find high-paying Wall Street jobs. Before you start applying, discover which specific Wall Street job will be best suited for your skills, but also your personality.

Low-priced higher education courses

Most finance industry jobs are going to require a decent education. Did you know that you can take college classes online for cheap? With StraighterLine.com, you have to realize that this isn’t an institution offering degrees. Students who pass their courses can transfer their credits to a regionally accredited university.

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It’s a super low-cost way for many students to get ahead with their education. You can take the classes with confidence as StraighterLine has been recognized as one of the most innovative companies in education. Many of their courses are self-paced, but ProfessorDirect courses are offered in 8- and 15-week terms and students can take more than one course at a time.

International banks

We’ve all heard of offshore bank accounts and an international bank offers financial services for foreign clients. In Wall Street financial institutions, there is a growing demand for banks to hire B.com graduates to manage a lot of their entry-level tasks.

They also offer paid internships and an international bank such as JP Morgan Chase & Co offers freshers the chance to develop the technical skills to become a banker. International banks want intelligent, skilled freshers to fit into these positions and of course, they offer high salaries to those freshers who fill positions such as junior analyst, billing executive, and many more. 

Finance-sector jobs

Finance-sector jobs on Wall Street pay higher than the median salary, even at entry-level. In fact, entry-level finance jobs in 2021 are roughly $88,000. The National Association of Colleges and Employers projected that starting salaries in the insurance and finance field could be anything up to $62 000. 

Jobs in the finance industry can be extremely lucrative and for them, an undergraduate degree would be the minimum requirement, with most having post-graduate degrees such as an MBA. 


Some of the other best entry-level positions are very rewarding for college freshers. Not only are they lucrative but the future career prospects are good too. Think of what suits your abilities and interests. What did you major in? College majors such as business administration, economics, and finance are great for Wall Street. 

Many college freshers have started a well-paying career as an analyst on Wall Street. Investment banking analysts are jobs for students out of undergraduate institutions who then join an investment bank for a two-year program. The best performing analysts are then asked to stay on for another year, after which time they move up to banking associate. They can eventually go on all the ways to become a managing director. 

Stock trader

Brokers or stock traders who require a bachelor’s degree can bring in a lucrative salary for college freshers and can earn an annual salary of roughly $65 000 as a licensed professional.

To become a Wall Street stockbroker, a business school is essential, and an MBA. Wall Street day traders are investors who make a profit through same-day trades. Whether they work as individuals or for a company, these days, traders can earn a lucrative annual salary in the region of $85 000.

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