Optimum Home Maintenance is Crucial if You Spend More Time Indoors

Spending more time indoors during winter and festive seasons means more wear and tear for the house. Maintaining the home appropriately from cracks, leaks, and paint chips is essential to keep it looking new and safe for people to stay. Apart from the exterior, check the basement, roof, ventilation system, and foundation regularly to ensure their minor repairs get fixed now and then. 

Waterproof the basement 

Always waterproof the basement before the winter to prevent moisture from seeping in through the foundation. It will cut down enormously on your heating energy costs and make the home a cozier to spend the holidays and festivals. Besides, waterproofing the interior and exterior of your basement keeps your home strong for a long time. 

It will prevent unwanted problems like vegetation growth and the sagginess of floors in the long run. Everdrytoledo.com offers multi-step basement waterproofing services in and around Ohio for an affordable cost. EverDry Toledo basement waterproofing uses the best pumps and materials in the industry to guarantee extra protection to your home. 

Check for molds

Mold occurrence is common if your basement is not waterproofed properly. Mold will spoil the look of your basement walls, eat on the drywalls and eventually make the entire place look dilapidated. Search for water leakage behind the basement walls or foundation cracks leaking moisture. Remove the mold through scraping or removing a portion of the drywall if it is badly damaged. 

Treat the affected surfaces with mold-killing products which have a high concentration of ammonia and bleach. Fix the leakage to prevent mold from reoccurring in a short time and make arrangements for proper ventilation in the area. Cover up the affected areas with affordable posters to hide the mold scrapings or paint them. 

Filling the cracks in the foundation 

Most of the basement issues like mold and leakages occur because there is an issue with the foundation. Filling the foundation cracks with injections is an easy way to repair the foundation and prevent water seepage into the basement. Always do it with expert help who will determine various damages inside and outside to fill them with necessary materials. 

Fix the minor repairs in the foundation caused due to erosion regularly to increase its lifetime. In some cases, the entire foundation gets replaced, which is costly and consumes a lot of effort and time, replacing the whole soil.

Check your roof 

The home roof is as vital as the basement and foundation as it gives us maximum protection from external heat and cold. Hence, it is susceptible to enormous wear and tears, especially after a massive natural calamity, storm, or a heavy rainy season. Check the roof thoroughly at least once a year for cracks, misplaced shingles, and peelings. 

If the shingles look buckled or curled up like they are getting pushed out from the inside, understand it is time to fix the ventilation in the attic. Inspect the roof, remove the leaf and other clutter on it once a year, pull away debris etched into edges and holes, and fix the cracks and other visible repairs. 

Pay attention to walls 

Wall maintenance involves a few crucial steps like cleaning, filling the dents and holes, and painting. You can either choose to whitewash your walls or paint them within a five to ten years’ gap to make your house look neat and clean always. Vacuum the inside of the walls regularly to remove debris, insects, and webs on them. 

Ensure there is no water leakage or any protruding wires that might cause hazards. Check for crevices and cracks near the doors and windows with extra care and fill in places where pets or rodents have dug up or scratched. Ensure the stains are removed and covered appropriately, and the minor damages in the walls get fixed quickly. 

Greg Tasker
Greg Tasker is Detroit News Arts and Entertainment Editor and has been writing about travel for more than a decade. His travel stories have appeared in AAA Living, Frommer's Budget Travel, Scouting, AMC Outdoors, Vermont Life and Island Life.