Best-tasting potato

I just finished digging the last of our potatoes this week. They were growing in a well-drained, sandy area so I was able to let them sit there in the ground for a few weeks after the vines died down. Since I couldn’t get to them right away, leaving them right where they were was … Continue Reading →

Near-organic apples

Regular readers of this blog know that in the past, I’ve written about the idea of growing “near-organic” apples. With the near-organic method, you spray as little as three times early in the season when the apples are still very small — starting when they first begin to grow. Then two more sprays are applied … Continue Reading →

Weird and wonderful warty pumpkins

I’ve grown a lot of different varieties of pumpkins in the past  – big, small, orange, white, striped and everything in between. None ever got the number of comments that my warty pumpkins have. It’s easy to understand why people are so interested in them once you see them up close and personal. Most of the … Continue Reading →

Giant ragweed

Earlier this week I spotted a stand of giant ragweed growing next to a parking lot. That brought back memories from long ago when I had a small farm and was growing field corn and soybeans. Back then there were a lot of those types of small farms around. I was a young guy and was … Continue Reading →

Keeping birds from grapes

We absolutely have to get our bird netting on the grape vines this week. The grapes have been turning purple very quickly and are getting sweeter by the day. That whole process  of ripening is known as veraison  in the winemaking world. But for me and the neighborhood birds, it’s just plain ripening. The birds … Continue Reading →