Local Roots celebrates flavors of summer

Days have passed since the Local Roots barbecue at Greenfield Village, but I can’t get over the tasty portobello bacon skewers served as appetizers that Friday evening. What’s truly amazing is that the skewers held no real bacon, only portobellos. Jesse Eisenhuth, director of food service and catering at The Henry Ford, described the hors d’ouevre as “faux bacon.” In his … Continue Reading →

Beyond the Ann Arbor Art Fair, catch two dazzling free shows while you're in town

If previous years are any indication, you’ll need a break from the blistering heat and dense crowds somewhere between the fused-glass jewelry, abstract paintings and giant fruit sculptures at the Ann Arbor Art Fair, which starts Wednesday and runs through Saturday. I suggest making your way to an ancient treasure trove of art that’s free … Continue Reading →

Beach Challenge winner: Silver Lake Sand Dunes photo

Images of fireworks exploding over lakes, sunsets along Lake Michigan, kids playing in the surf and sand, lighthouses and just about any beach activity you could think of were among the nearly 2,000 entries in the Pure Michigan Beach Instagram Challenge. The grand prize photograph in the 10-day contest features kayakers on Lake Michigan at Silver Lake Sand … Continue Reading →

The Belize Zoo is a hoot at night

Howler monkeys whoop it up somewhere high in the surrounding trees, their loud barks piercing the still night. Nearby, a jaguar roars, its chesty cough adding to the eeriness of the dark jungle. Only our guide’s flash light cuts through the blackness, illuminating the narrow path, framed by thick walls of brush. Red eyes stare. … Continue Reading →