drying herbs

Drying Herbs: Fast and easy how-to

Dried herbs can be quite expensive for a very small amount of product. If you’ve been enjoying your own home grown herbs this summer, why not enjoy them through the winter as well! Here’s a fast and easy how-to on drying herbs. Step 1: Harvest your herbs, taking into consideration that you’ll get about 1/10 finished product from what you harvest. Step … Continue Reading →

Preserving Herbs: Simple ways to preserve your herbs for year-round use

Herbs are abounding in our gardens right now! Many people not only wonder how to use them, but also how to preserve them. Chives, sorrel, thyme, oregano, sage, parsley and mints are just a few of the herbs that are ready to be preserved.  It’s so easy to enjoy your herbs year round with these simple preserving techniques. Drying … Continue Reading →