Longtime crafter has supplies to give away

Kathryn of Birmingham just called to say she has tons of various craft supplies to give away to individuals or groups. A crafter for “over 50 years,” Kathyrn says her stash includes fabric, wreath forms, yarn, knitting needles and LOTS more. She feels it’s all too nice to toss in the trash, and that there has to be … Continue Reading →

Lavender: How to make lavender wands

Lavender is one of the things I look forward to each new gardening year… it’s by far one of my favorite herbs. I love to walk past the hedge of it in my front flower bed… letting my leg brush across it’s delicate blooms and taking in that spectacular aroma as it lingers up. I love to simply stand there listening to the … Continue Reading →

Gardening with your children: 8 fun ideas

I cherish the moments spent in the garden with my children.  Each spring they beg for a little space of their own to grow and tend things that interest them. The joy of watching  the look on their faces as the rich soil squishes between their toes and  the happiness beaming in their eyes as they pull up a carrot from the seed “they” planted is … Continue Reading →

Fertilizing: Tips to maximize your gardens potential

Fertilizing is an essential element for proper root development and plant growth. As a professional organic produce farmer, fertilizing is a key ingredient to a great harvest.  From the time the seeds are planted until the seedlings go into the fields, we follow a regimented schedule of fertilizing. This ensures not only bountiful yields, but … Continue Reading →

Starting seeds and homemade potting mix recipe

I anxiously trudged out to the mailbox dreaming of beautiful, glossy seed catalogs pouring out into my hands… I long to be tempted by the latest Heirloom tomatoes and lettuces… to plant those tiny seeds and then wait for them to sprout, reaching up out of the warm soil to the bright sunshine.  Although I … Continue Reading →