Pamplona culinary festival celebrates Spain's tapas-like pinchos

    In the United States we call them tapas. In northern Spain they’re better-known as pinchos. Spaniards love the little bites (pronounced PEEN-chos) so much that they set aside a week each spring — actually 10 days this year, April 8-17 — to sample them. Pinchos are taking center stage at some 90 restaurants and bars in … Continue Reading →

Viking River Cruise through the south of France

Looking back on 2015, a year of travel hits

The only thing better than telling friends you’re going to ‘the south of France’ on a Viking River cruise is actually being on that cruise. Sitting on the deck of the Viking Heimdal, sipping champagne as the ship slipped past the colorful churches, museums and chateaux of Lyon, ranks as one of my 2015 travel … Continue Reading →

It's running with the bulls time in Pamplona, Spain, during the San Fermin festival, July 7-14

Sneaking a cigarette, tasting that first beer or borrowing Mom and Dad’s car for a joy-ride are about as daring as it gets when it comes to rites of passage for American teens. In Pamplona, boys of all ages — and a few girls, too — run with the bulls. From waiters and cab drivers … Continue Reading →