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Weekend Wine: Peter Lehmann's Clancy's Red

Peter Lehmann “Clancy’s Red” Australia 2009, $16-$18: Clancy’s Red is a Shiraz-Cabernet blend with a smidge of Merlot that is legendary in the wine trade, along with its producer Peter Lehmann, who pioneered the growth of the modern Australian wine industry, especially in the Barossa Valley. This blend kisses the palate with layers of flavor: red berries; ripe plums; dark chocolate; and spicy, well-woven oak. The longer it sits in the glass the more it relaxes and reveals its core of fruit. New wine drinkers need to know this one, and it’s sure to coax a smile from those who may have long forgotten it. It’s widely available, including at Meijer, Holiday Market, Hiller’s, Busch’s, Plum Market and Costco.