Thumbs Up to this wine finder app for your smartphone

You’re standing in front of the wine shelves just wishing your smartphone had enough brains to find the right wine to take to the party tonight.

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Well, if you shop at major chain stores and tap into the new wine finder app Thumbs Up Wine, your handy device can now act as your sommelier.

Thumbs Up is the only smart wine app that works on Apple and Android phones and Windows.

Thumbs Up WineFinder recommends the best bottles of wine in the store in which you are shopping based on the wine’s intended use, or the variety, or the flavor attributes or price — you decide on the search.

The wines of more than 50 national chains are covered, including Costco, Food Lion, Kroger, Safeway, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods.

Results are ranked on the “value” of the wine, as perceived by wine app inventors Joe Gaspardone and Matt Eshoo, relative to the retail price. In other words, perhaps Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc-Viognier sells for $11 but Joe and Matt rate it as a $22 value wine.

Thumbs Up makes it easy to find a great value at any pricepoint.

The creators of this unique wine app are longtime wine geeks raised in California who either made wine or worked in a vineyard as a kid.

Download the free version of this app for your iPhone here.

Download the free version for Android.

Check out the Web site and catch a couple video demos.

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