Your weekend wine: Apothic Crush Smooth Red Blend

BOTTLE - Apothic 2014 California Crush 750mlAPOTHIC wines are easy to spot when you stroll the wine aisles at the supermarket. A sales leader in red blends, bottles of Apothic often get their own display at the end of a row. There are four blends out now: Apothic Red, Apothic White, Apothic Dark and Apothic Crush. Following its successful rollout last year, a new vintage of Apothic Crush has just been released and it doesn’t disappoint. It offers a truckload of dark berry-cherry fruit, notes of decadent caramel and soft velvet texture. It’s a dry blend but has the acidity and ripe fruit to make it appealing to sweet drinkers as well. It’s smooth, like the label says.

fyi: If you got attached to Apothic Dark, you can rejoice. The limited-production dark red blend is available year-round now. According to producer E&J Gallo, the name Apothic is borrowed from the word “Apothica,” a mysterious place where vintners blended and stored their most coveted concoctions in the 13th century.

Apothic Crush California 2014, $14: Cherry aromas explode from the glass, along with dried cranberry, cola, caramel and chocolate. It’s smooth as velvet in the mouth, with dense, concentrated berry-cherry flavors that finish with a flourish of caramel and chocolate. It’s like candy melting in the mouth, only it’s not sweet. Alcohol is not shy at 14.5 percent. It’s a blend, with pinot noir and petite sirah taking the lead.

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