Inconceivable: Fog Prince Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara County

sub2014_inconceivable_fogprince_pn2-0x10801INCONCEIVABLE was conceived by the people at Middleton Family Wines, a large company that has wineries in Washington and California and sources wines from around the world for this brand. You cannot miss the fetching wrap-around label that looks like an old-fashioned hand-drawn treasure map showing where the grapes are grown. The idea is to give the wine a sense of place and the consumer a sense of discovery and adventure. The Inconceivable Fog Prince Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara County gets its name from the heavy, low-lying clouds that roll in off the ocean in the morning and clear by noon. It keeps the vineyards cool and allows the grapes to ripen slowly to full maturity.

The Fog Prince Pinot Noir, by Inconceivable Wine, Santa Barbara County 2015, $25: First, I advise you to sit down and study the label, a story in itself with all the landmarks and notes about winegrowing in Santa Barbara County. The wine is delicious and well-structured. It takes the earthy, cherry, pomegranate, dark chocolate flavor route. It has the acidity and tannins to stay fresh in the bottle for an amazing length of time once you open it. Screw cap of course.

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