Bruno Paillard charts own course in Champagne

Alice Paillard, daughter of founder Bruno Paillard, says: "We don't do things at Bruno Paillard just because they were always done this way." (Image courtesy of champagnebrunopaillard)

In less than 40 years, the pioneering Maison Bruno Paillard has become a Grande Marque (“great brand”) Champagne. Alice Paillard says: “We don’t do things at Bruno Paillard just because they were always done this way.” (Image courtesy of champagnebrunopaillard)

BRUNO PAILLARD is unique in the world of centuries-old French Champagne houses: It’s less than 40 years old and already is a Grand Marque (“great brand”) recognized by critics, connoisseurs and fine restaurants. The wines are aged longer than French wine laws demand, they are more dry than the word “Brut” requires, and they are elegant. Founder Bruno Paillard comes from a long line of Champagne growers and brokers. He decided to start his own winery at age 27 in 1981 at a time when many family-owned Champagne houses were being bought up by corporations and the wines were becoming increasingly uniform in taste. He was determined to make the kind of wine he likes to drink.  Still today, his fingerprints are on every wine, and his daughter Alice Paillard is working by his side. This rosé would make an exceptional wine for holiday tables or served alone as an aperitif.

Bruno Paillard Extra Brut Rosé Premiere Cuvee $65: This delicate Pinot Noir-based beauty is dry and minerally with tons of cherry, raspberry and strawberry fruit. It has floral notes with an underpinning of minerality. It’s seriously dry but not austere or biting. The fine texture and structure married with the flavors keep inviting you back to taste.

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