Champagne Popper makes it easy to extract corks

champagne popper

This metal tool, about 10 inches long, works as a lever to easily remove the cork from a bottle of sparkling wine. The bottle must be chilled first.

Do you have weak hands or arthritis in your fingers? Do you lack the strength to twist out corks in bottles of sparkling wine, Prosecco or Champagne? Entrepreneur Nancy Procunier from the San Francisco Bay area had a neighbor with arthritis so bad in her hands she had to give up enjoying Prosecco because of the corks. Procunier went to work on a solution with her cousin and created the Champagne Popper, which works like a simple metal lever to remove the cork from any bottle of sparkling wine. It works with little effort!

Here’s how to use the Champagne Popper: First, make sure your bottle is well chilled. (Remember, removing the cork from a room-temperature bottle of bubbly will make the wine spew all over the place. Do you like wiping wine off the ceiling?)

Remove the foil and wire cage covering the top of the cork and wiggle the prongs of the Champagne Popper around the cork — wedge the tool between the cork and the glass. Place a towel over the top of the bottle for safety, and push down on the tool to extract the cork. The effort required is minimal.

To see a demonstration, look at this short video.

The Champagne Popper costs $9.95 plus $4.95 for standard shipping.

You can order one here.

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