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Subway lowers sodium in sandwiches

Today we give a shout out to Subway, which announced earlier this week that it is lowering sodium in its “Fresh Fit” sandwiches by 28 percent and 15 percent on average in all of its sandwiches. We often count calories when we go out and eat, but sodium is the biggest killer.

The government recommends we take in 1,500 milligrams of sodium each day but I’ve read reports where many Americans nearly double that intake. It is a leading cause for high blood pressure and heart disease.

A number of restaurants, including Taco Bell, Bob Evans and Domino’s Pizza have worked to lower sodium in its foods. Taco Bell is working on its menu in the Dallas-Fort Worth market to lower sodium by 23 percent.

Subway is looking to reduce its sodium in sandwiches by 237 milligrams per sandwich to 737 milligrams. But be careful. If you load up the sandwich with pickles, olives and dressing the sodium intake is likely to rise.

The Subway “Fresh Fit” menu includes oven roasted chicken, roast beef, club, sweet chicken teriyaki, turkey, turkey ham and veggie sandwich.