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Young mothers must improve lifestyle

If you are pregnant, beware. You are likely headed for an unhealthy lifestyle. A new study that came out said new mothers eat more saturated fats and exercise less. Young fathers work out less also, but they do not change their eating habits.

Those are the findings of the Project Eat study that monitored men and women from Minnesota recently. My guess is the study is pretty accurate. Having a new child is very time consuming and it zaps your energy because the new born is up all hours of the night.

Whenever my wife and I had a free moment we used to dive into bed for a quick nap before the child woke up for the next feeding. You also get lazy eating habits.

We still need to work out or at least move even if it is around the house. You still need those quick naps, but how about a quick workout “maybe 15 minutes” and then dive into the bed.

The eating part is easy also. If food is around the house you will eventually eat it. When you go grocery shopping, get healthy snacks rather than fattening ones. The woman is probably craving things because she went without while pregnant. You can still have your treats but pretend you are still caring for baby inside the womb.