4 easy ways to revive your garden soil for spring planting

Preparing your garden soil now is essential to your gardens productivity for next years crops.  Just when you thought you’d be able to till it all under and forget about it until next spring, here I come with this news.  Feeding your soil nutrients in the way of manure, compost and cover crops will mean bountiful yields year after year.

Here are four easy ways to revive your garden soil for springs planting.

I suggest you use at least one or a combination of all four methods to improve your soil.

1. Compost added to your garden in the fall will provide your soil with many types of sustainable organic materials and nutrients.  Compost isn’t as intimidating as it appears, here’s a great article on how-to.

2. Cover crops are often referred to as ‘Green Manures’. Cover crops can be planted in September through October allowing it to grows at least a couple of inches in height before winter comes full force. In spring once the crop is between 3 to 6 inches up, till it in.  The benefits of cover crops include helping eliminate soil erosion and prevent weed development while adding essential nitrogen into the soil.DPP_0017

Here’s a great article that gives info on cover crops for home gardens on a state to state basis.

3. Adding manure to your gardens in the fall will allow it enough time to compost over the winter and be tilled in come spring adding rich, organic nutrients to your soil.  Try contacting a farmer, they may be willing to let you have some, especially if you’re willing to “help yourself.”  Cow, chicken, sheep or hog manures are all rich in nutrients.

Here’s an informative article on how to use raw manure in your gardens.

4. Leaves are priceless… at least to the serious gardener. Add them to the garden and mulch heavily around and over perennial crops such as rhubarb and asparagus.

To learn more about using leaves to enrich your garden read this great article

Your soil is the number one component to growing healthy, abundant fruits and vegetables… Just like anything else in life, feed what you want to grow and starve what you want to die.

Happy Day,