Jean Smith

Jean Smith

Jean Smith is a mother of six, organic farmer and freelance writer dwelling with her family on their five acre farm in the Thumb of Michigan. She is a self professed master gardener with over 15 years experience who loves to write and teach about her passion for and knowledge in organic gardening. You can read more of Jean's writings at her blog, For Dragonflies And Me

Freezing peaches: Step-by-step instructions, recipe for freezing peaches

Peaches are flowing into the farmers markets and road side stands… u-pick orchards are waving us in and backyard enthusiast’s are reaping what they’ve sown. Many folks would love to know how to preserve this yummy special treat for the cold winter months. Here are simple step-by-step instructions for freezing peaches. Step 1: Wash your peaches … Continue Reading →

Garden Journals: How to make a homemade garden journal

“Flowers have spoken to me more than I can tell in written words.” Lydia M. Child Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved journaling. During the years, I’ve created several Garden Journals to document my gardens’ growth and changes.  I’ve included magazine articles and pictures that have inspired a new creation or idea that I’ve wanted to incorporate into my gardens. … Continue Reading →

Gift Giving: Easy hand crafted gift projects from your gardens and more

There’s an art to gift-giving.  Some folks enjoy creating handcrafted original gifts designed specifically for each friend and family member.  The thrill on the recipient’s face, the gleam of joy in their eyes is worth all the time it took to prepare. Here are some easy handcrafted gift projects that you can create from your gardens. Sunflower … Continue Reading →

Lavender: Tips for growing, harvesting and using along with some yummy recipes

Lavender is one of my favorite herbs with it’s romantic aroma,  delicate blossoms and simple elegance.  It’s used in decorative floral arrangements and bouquets and personal care products as well as in the kitchen. There are many varieties to choose from.  I personally prefer Grosso Lavender for my bouquets and craft projects.  I use Hidcote for my garden borders, … Continue Reading →

Hosting a luncheon garden style

A tastefully done luncheon served in a beautiful garden will leave your friends and family felling very pampered. Here are a few ideas to help you create a welcoming and cheerful event. The Food *Cut slightly softened butter with garden themed cookie cutters. Refrigerate until ready to serve. *Cut a honey dew or cantaloupe melon in half, hollow out … Continue Reading →

Gardening with your children: 8 fun ideas

I cherish the moments spent in the garden with my children.  Each spring they beg for a little space of their own to grow and tend things that interest them. The joy of watching  the look on their faces as the rich soil squishes between their toes and  the happiness beaming in their eyes as they pull up a carrot from the seed “they” planted is … Continue Reading →

Dividing Iris: Follow these four easy steps for prolific blooms year after year

Old-fashioned Siberian iris along with the popular Bearded hybrids are among of my favorite late spring bloomers. Their delicate, intricate blooms appear too sensitive to touch as they balance among sword-like leaves. Unfortunately they don’t bloom long enough- here today, gone tomorrow. The key to keeping your iris’ blooming prolifically year after year is proper and timely divisions of the rhizomes. The rhizomes produce new … Continue Reading →