Frescobaldi shifts branding from historic past to focus on Tuscany


This is the dining room at Tenuta di Castiglioni in Val di Pesa in southwest Tuscany. This historic estate is where the Frescobaldi family had its start in winemaking. The family has owned the property since the 11th century. (Images courtesy of

FRESCOBALDI’s logo no longer says Marchesi de Frescobaldi. The new look, “Frescobaldi Toscana” as seen below, marks the Italian company’s shift in focus from noble titles and its 700-year-old history to its Tuscan roots. We’re revitalizing the Frescobaldi brand,” says sales and marketing director Giampiero Bertolini.

The revamped Web site does a great job of explaining the makeup of the brand: Frescobaldi Toscana is comprised of six legendary wineries all over Tuscany, each with its own winemaker and staff, some with lodging and restaurants. They are Castiglioni, Pomino, Nipozzano, Castelgiocondo, Ammiraglia and Remolè.

You can view each of the properties online, along with their lodging and restaurants, and book visits. The wines of each winery are featured. The photography is breathtaking. If you take the time to click through the properties, you will probably start planning a trip to Tuscany.


fyi: Frescobaldi’s holdings include Frescobaldi Toscana with its six wineries (the estates listed above), plus Masseto, Ornellaia, Luce, Attems and Danzante. Of all these holdings, the top priority is Frescobaldi Toscana and its six wineries.

As for its history, the Frescobaldi family name dates back to medieval Florence. Winemaking has gone on for 700 years starting in 1300 at Tenuta di Castiglioni. Frescobaldi wines have been poured at the tables of Renaissance artists like Donatello and at the English Court of Henry the Eighth. Here’s a taste of Castiglioni’s flagship Bordeaux-style blend.

Tenuta Frescobaldi di Castiglioni Toscana IGT 2013, $25: This iconic Bordeaux-style blend from Frescobaldi di Castiglioni is a modern wine for coming from the family’s oldest property that dates from the 11th century. It’s a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese. In modern times, Castiglioni was one of the first properties in Tuscany to plant merlot. Flavors are earthy and robust, mouthfeel is creamy, tannins are supple. Aromas of dark berries, cherry, plum and spice tease the senses. It’s still young and tightly stitched with great potential for aging. Here is the new look on bottles:


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