Monday Line on Wine: Zonin Grey Edition Prosecco


Zonin Proseccos are dressed up in full bottle color for the Dress Your Feelings marketing campaign. From left, the Black Edition, Grey Edition and White Edition. (Image courtesy of

ZONIN, seven generations strong, has been producing wine in Italy’s Veneto region for close to 200 years. The Zonin (pronounced zoe-NEEN) family is known for their research in the vineyards and innovative winemaking and marketing. Last year, they launched the “Dress Your Feelings” line of Proseccos — the Grey Edition, with the traditional gera grape blended with pinot grigio; the White Edition, blended with pinot bianco; and the Black Edition blended with pinot noir. They make a splashy presence on retail shelves and take advantage of the Italian wine law that allows producers to blend up to 15 percent of another varietal with the traditional glera. Each of these bottles is totally cloaked in the prescribed color of the marketing campaign. The bottles look stylish, the wines are dry and still ring in at a gentle alcohol level typical of Prosecco, but they have that extra punch of flavor.

If you need to know the “feelings” that marketers dreamed up for each bottle color and blend, here’s the breakdown. Grey Edition (with pinot grigio): modern, cool, dynamic. Black Edition (with pinot noir): mysterious, elegant, charming. White Edition (with pinot bianco): Young, joyful, timeless.

I tasted samples of the Grey and White; price points vary at online sellers, anywhere from $14 to $18. The wines are in nationwide distribution.

Zonin Prosecco “Grey Edition” Brut Sparkling Wine DOC, $14-$18: The Grey bottle has 13 percent pinot grigio blended with the glera, which boosts the flavor profile with white stone fruit, melon and mandarin orange. It’s dry but not austere. The firm acidity gives it good balance. I love the difference the pinot grigo makes — adding so much more personality and fruit.

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